About Us

Experience the richness of Indonesia's coffee regions with Mahana Coffee

Mahana Coffee is an exporter of specialty and commercial coffee based in Indonesia. We are dedicated to sourcing and collecting the finest green coffee beans from smallholder producers, farmers, and cooperatives across the country. With our extensive network and expertise in the coffee industry, we ensure that our customers receive exceptional quality coffee that showcases the unique flavors and characteristics of Indonesian coffee.


Transparency and traceability are fundamental to our operations. We maintain detailed records of the origin and journey of our coffee beans, providing our customers with full visibility and confidence in the quality and ethical sourcing of our products. We believe in fostering trust and transparency in the coffee industry, enabling consumers to make informed choices about the coffee they enjoy.


With our diverse portfolio of specialty and commercial coffee, we cater to the unique preferences and demands of our partners. Whether you are a  roaster, importer, trading company or others.  Mahana Coffee offers a wide range of coffee options that exemplify the rich and distinct flavors of Indonesian coffee.